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aBufadora AdventureA brief, yet comprehensive look at Ensenada. The tour includes a drive through the residential and commercial areas of the city. The tour stops at the Civic Plaza, where 12-foot high busts of noted Mexican heroes sit in pleasantly landscaped area. Next the tour will visit the Riviera del Pacífico, which was a glamorous resort and casino in the roaring 20’s and is renowned for its Mexican architecture and famous clientele from Douglas Fairbanks to Al Capone. A complimentary margarita is served to you as you enjoy the splendid surroundings. You will then stop at the oldest continuously running winery in Mexico, Bodegas de Santo Tomas. The tour of the winery and wine tasting are included in the tour price. The tour then proceeds to Ensenada’s main shopping district with its many fine shops displaying a wide variety of Mexican handcrafts and fine imported merchandise at affordable prices. You will have 1 hour to shop, then your tour guide will escort you back to the ship.