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Located just a few miles northeast of Ensenada, about 850 feet above sea level lays the Calafia valley, and the home ground of L.A. Cetto and La Casa de Doña Lupe. This remote region of the Baja Peninsula is widely recognized as the best suited area in Mexico for growing the best variety of grapes for the production of high quality wines. From the “old world” to the new L.A. Cetto and La Casa de Doña Lupe that bring to us this prized tradition, becoming pioneers in the development of wine & home made products. They are much respected for their expertise in the production of  wines and organic products respectively. The drive from the shipside to the first winery in Guadalupe Valley will take you about 45 minutes. Your tour guide will relate the history of Ensenada and the Baja area and tell you about local customs and traditions. On arrival to each of the swineries you will be given a 20 minute tour on the process of the crushing of grapes, fermentation, pressing, aging and bottling. After the tour you will taste their selected wines, served with assorted cheese, biscuits, baked goods and delicious jams. The wines can be purchased at considerable savings.